Monday, May 14, 2018

Stardew Valley bears fruit on Vita next week

While it is crude to characterise some Vita games as bigger than others, the leading lights that have come our way; Minecraft, Spelunky, Va-11 Hall-a and others that stand out either critically and/or in sales terms are slightly more anticipated than yet-another-Metroidvania clone.

Pretty much the last of these outstanding releases coming to Vita is now dated for 22 May, price $15 and just a week away. Finally, thanks to the efforts of Chucklefish, it brings some fantasy farming fun (no offence Farming Simulator) after years of Harvest Moon denial (expect the PSP title).

Stardew Valley on Vita gets its own announce blog post, one on the PSN blog, an IGN news video, a Eurogamer news piece, generally appearing in lots of places the Vita doesn't usually get a mention. Among the comments, people are surprised to hear the Vita is still going

Vita owners will get version 1.2 of the game, missing out on the latest update, but expect some update later, minus multiplayer. It will be Cross Buy with the PS4 version, but no word on Cross Save.

I guess this concludes the excellent rush of must-have releases we've had recently, and while there's still plenty of ports and indies to come, it'll take some community effort to get any current titles ported due to both technical difficulties and the shrinking size of the market.

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  1. people have been saying that "..shrinking size of the market" for a while, that idea has yet to bear fruit as 2018 has already been probably the best year the vita has ever had in terms of sheer quality of content. you don't have to be so dire, things are great!