Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Media Create charts and Famitsu scores from Japan

Post-holiday Vita sales drop to a new lowest ever of 2,229 in Japan's Media Create figures. But no panic, as hardware units halve across the board (Switch shed 22K sales in a week).  We're now into the slow season, so will find out where the bottom is in the coming weeks, but Sony looks committed to at least another year of hardware production.

On the games front, Powerful Pro Baseball sticks in the top 10, approaching 80K proving that there's still plenty of buyers for well-known brands at least. These odd hits alone will keep Japan pumping out physical game carts long after Sony in the west gives up next year. That's as Sony can't afford to deny the likes of Konami and other publishers their seasonal hits, whatever the platform.

Over in Famitsu-land, the new Persona Dancing games, ahead of their entry in next week's chart scored a roundly predictable 8 across the board.

Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night 8/8/8/8 [32/40]
Persona 5: Dancing Star Night  8/8/8/8 [32/40]

Last week's figures

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