Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Vita sales clinging on in Japan

Vita sales are almost identical to last week at 2,912, according to the latest Media Create chart data. Things look relatively quiet on the hardware front, with even the Switch falling to a year old of 36K. That's ahead of Golden Week starting at the end of the month, but recent years have shown narrowing boosts in sales, compared to the madness of the PSP era.

Super Robot Wars X sticks in the top 20 on the Vita, selling another 3,340 copies moving it well over 60K. Out this week is Metal Max Xeno on Vita and PS4, which will hopefully prove that Japanese buyers don't just want RPGs and visual novels!

Over in Famitsu land, the latest review scores are in with a bunch of Vita games coming soon. Bizarrely, Pro Jikkyou Baseball scores the same as God of War, just showing how screwy their scoring system is!!!

NadeRevo! Nadeshiko Revolution 24/40 (visual novel, girls)
Natsuiro Kokoro Log 28/40 (another visual novel, girls)
Utawarerumono: Chiriyukusha he no Komoriuta 32/40 (not a visual novel at all)
Tengai ni Mau, Iki na Hana 33/40 (you get the idea, but this one is boys)
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2018 38/40

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