Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Vita has a new flatline in Japan

Vita sales for the last three weeks have peppered the 2,900 line with pinpoint accuracy. That's created a neat new flatline, which presumably is the trend for the year. Is that enough to keep the factory churning them out into 2019? Guess we'll find out when the PS+ support ends what Sony plans to do with this rapidly ageing hardware platform.

On the games side of the Media Create chart, Nippon Ichi's tanks and dudes title Metal Max Xeno sneaks into the top 10, selling 15K on PS4 at No. 7 and 8,355 on the Vita at No. 9. 

Interestingly, the game's producer claimed 50K total sales after just two days, showing how strong digital sales are now. So, perhaps the real figure is closer to 18K on Vita. Hopefully we'll get more detailed information.
【Kono P's tweets】2:25 AM - 20 Apr 2018 Today's a little happy thing ... As of today, the number of domestic sales of Metal Max Xeno has exceeded 50,000. I think that it is still a small step as a charm of the original series ... It is said that the interest from dealers and storefronts is also good. Thank you for your continued support.
Even so, guess we won't be seeing much more effort to reinvigorate the old series. At the top of the chart, Nintendo Labo products battle God of War for the podium places. Pro Jikkyou Baseball is out this week, which should shift a few units as ever.

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