Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Cowcat porting and improving Riddled Corpses for the Vita

As with the mighty Xenon Valkyrie +, Riddled Corpses EX is an updated and improved version of Diabolical Mind's PC original, now headed to PS4 and Vita with Cross Buy. The mighty pairing of Spanish originator and French Breton Fabrice (aka Cowcat) have worked their magic and the game is slated for a Q2 release, i.e., soonish.
Riddled Corpses is now uprated to a smooth 60fps, even on Vita. It offers a retro-style twin-stick shooter across dark wastelands and ruined cities. As well as the speed boost, there's better hit detection, improved combos, a better story mode and other improvements over the original. More importantly, fairer griding takes it more fun, while arcade mode is more arcadey!

Actual Vita screens below!

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