Friday, March 23, 2018

More western releases skip the Vita, the spiral tightens

With news that Spike Chunsoft are bringing Steins Gate Elite and Zanki Zero west, but not to the Vita, it looks like another developer has given up on Sony's little console. Still, Spike gave us a good life, so there's no point moaning at them.

Presumably the economics don't add up with the extra PEGI/ESRB ratings, the Sony approvals and the cost of some extra coding, ignoring the chance of a physical release. Hopefully, PQube or someone else will pick some of the games up, but if not imports are an option, or go buy these great titles on a bigger console!

So, go and play the original Steins;Gate (again) and the Danganronpa titles and all the other little bundles of joy (like the Shiren and Conception games) that Spike and its slightly unhinged developers sent our way.  Their memories will live long!

Annoyingly, this looks like a late decision, as the video for Steins Gate Elite still have the Vita mentioned.

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