Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Attack on Titan 2 and Winning Post 8 chart for Vita in Japan

Vita sales took a sharp downturn last week by 1,800 sales down to 3,644 as some games actually pop up in the Media Create chart. The numbers are kind of what I was expecting, still the previous weeks' higher sales were a welcome shot in the arm.

On the games front, Attack on Titan 2 makes a fairly scattershot entry, but still doing decent numbers on the Vita, selling:

No. 3 PS4 - 28,480
No. 4 Switch - 22, 941
No. 8 Vita - 15, 261

Also out across several formats, Winning Post 8 sold:

No. 11 PS4 - 8,459
No. 17 Vita - 3,837
No. 18 Switch - 3,745

Full data here, last week's figures here. Over in Famitsu-land, the latest review scores are out with SRWX topping the list ahead of a bunch of visual novels.

Super Robot Wars X 33/40
Memories Off: Innocent Fille 32 (video below)
Enkan no Memoria: Kakera Tomoshi 29
Galtia V Edition 29

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