Friday, February 2, 2018

Profits all round at Sony as Kenichiro Yoshida takes charge

With Kaz Hirai moving upstairs the Chairman of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida is the new CEO, taking over now the company is basking in healthy profits. He doesn't exactly look like a barrel of laughs, but is hot on business strategy so he could do some moving and shaking when it comes to portable, but probably not.

For the end of 2017, Sony's operating profit of was 350.8 billion yen from 2.7 trillion yen in revenue, with a net profit of 295.9 billion yen. Predictions are for even bigger profits in 2018! Read the whole exciting PDF here. PlayStation 4 sales (under Game and Network Services) helped lead the way, but even Sony movie studios managed to make some cash!

Now the company isn't bleeding money, it needs to fill the gap between PS4 and PS5, and his thinking will be guided by the success of the Switch, but its hard to see Sony turning around on the whole Vita issue having been so dogmatic about it for four years.

That makes a hybrid PS5 more likely, but Sony could have already missed the boat on that, depending on how advanced plans are.

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  1. PS5 could be a hybrid "switch" like console if Sony has the vision and balls to do it.
    Heck just make it a beast Sony gaming laptop to shove it in the faces at the PC elitist douchebags. lol