Monday, February 19, 2018

Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare lurching to Vita

It seems like more publishers are just throwing games out at the Vita with no effort at news or promotion. Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is one of rash of titles suddenly getting trophy listings pretty much out of nowhere, and there's no sign of Russian dev Mobirate even acknowledging its existence (TBF, their social media hasn't updated since 2015/2017).

As a mobile game, we may be fearing the worst, but Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is pretty well rated and looks like fun, with distinctive characters and lots of weapons and skills. Among the expected games, other random titles like One Eyed Kutkh from Baba Yaga, and Deep Ones are popping up. A shame its more or less impossible to do any proper coverage, beyond putting up the original trailer, but do keep an eye out and let us know if you try these games out.

UPDATE: the game is now live on PSN for £15.99 with a stack of extra purchases likely to put quite a few people off.

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