Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Vita sales firm in Japan, is 2020 on the cards?

According to the latest Media Create figures, Vita sales are down just a handful at 4,256 for last week. Yes, Switch and PS4 sales are around 10 times higher, but if the Vita keeps this flat-to-slow decline up across the year, looks like Sony will still have to manufacture the damn box into 2020! Please Japanese gamers, keep on buying replacement Vita consoles every month if you have to!

Gintama Rumble is a new entry for the Vita at No. 5, shifting 23,400 units, while the PS4 version lands at No. 2 with 38K. Ironically, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT sold worse on PS4 at only 20K, I know its a high-spec arcade port, but Square really should have kept the series portable somehow! 

The next major Vita release is A Certain Magical Virtual On from Sega on the 15th of February

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