Friday, January 12, 2018

Studio Ravenheart shows off Seraphim

Twitter followers will have seen plenty of teasing glimpses of Studio Ravenheart's Seraphim, developed in Unity 5, looking all techno and virtual in the form of lots of short GIFs. Here's a longer look the developers have kindly sent over showing the shooter in action on a proper Vita screen.

With its slightly ethereal meets Transformers in The Matrix look, the game is set in an abstract celestial realm. You assume the role of a great otherworldly being, defending planets from invading sentient matter. Blasting comets from your six mighty wings as cosmic constructs surround you looks like a tough challenge among all the visual bling. If all goes well it could easily sit at the top table of cool Vita shooters.

The dev's last tweet was "Working a new level of polish for #Seraphim! Expect a more dopamine-inducing experience! I'll tweet update on every change!" So expect it to look even better on release, and follow @RavenheartRex for all the latest news.

1 comment:

  1. not my type of game, but it always nice to see devs showing some love to this amazing platform!