Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Time Recoil, 10tons Vita swansong

Finnish developer 10tons has delighted us with Neon Chrome and Xenoraid among others, but it looks like Time Recoil will be their last outing on Vita. That's as the system struggles to keep up with their newer efforts, and the pain and time cost of porting outweighs any financial benefit. Fair enough, and thanks to the team for being upfront about it.

Time Recoil is a top-down shooter loaded with slow-motion gunfights, epic special moves, time attack mode, and a time travel storyline. In Time Recoil, players have a freakish, Matrix-like superpower: Kill to slow time. Subsequent kills give more time in slowdown and enable you to conduct unbelievable slow motion feats!

Or maybe that's just the Vita grinding to a halt? Either way, kills in slowdown grant special moves, allowing you to dash through walls and enemies.

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