Monday, November 27, 2017

Rainbow Skies teaser trailer and LE

Classy-looking RPG Rainbow Skies is on the way in 2018, with a hysical limited edition from Play Asia. A Rainbow Moon LE will also be arriving if you want to match the set. They include maps, CDs and a guide book.

The new adventure features monsters you can tame, upgradable characters, with a wide range of customization and character development possibilities. There are plenty of optional and endgame content, side and treasure hunt quests, a humorous story and plenty of content.

The story goes as follows: It's a big day for Damion with a final examination as a monster tamer, an important profession in his hometown, which is constantly threatened by monster attacks. However, after a terrible hangover, Damion completely messes things up and not only fails the examination but also destroys the entire monster compound.

When he tries to cover up his mishap with his examiner Layne, things turn from bad to worse and through a number of unforeseen circumstances, they find themselves between two rival superpowers.

Enjoy the new trailer as Damion and his friends get to work sorting out the mess.

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