Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Occultic;Nine takes 15th in Japan as Vita sales reach a new low

The Vita sold 3,210 in Japan last week, a new low for the handheld ahead of the arrival next week of the new not-at-all-value packs. That might give sales a tiny boost, if there's anyone left who wants one.

New entry Occultic;Nine and its massively-chested cover art managed 15th place for the Vita at 4,600 units some way behind the PS4 version at No. 11 with 5,850, a bit strange for a visual novel, but showing the tilting balance in Japan. On the plus side it sold a lot more than the Xbox One X managed!

Va-11 Hall-A is out this week with a physical release. Given the amount of interest for the game, hopefully, it will spring a sales surprise. Beyond that we have a host of visual novels or oddities including Butterfly Case, Secret Night Club and Amenity's Life Then things quieten down over December before picking up in 2018, for the Vita's last hurrah! See you on the other side.

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