Monday, October 23, 2017

Pixel Panzers could storm the Vita

Among my new followers on Twitter is Canadian/Ukranian team Pixel Panzer's who self-titled MOBA is aiming to hit the Vita, guessing sometime next year. Early posts had it a possible for Vita, now they say PC, Switch and Vita, which I guess is more positive! I'm checking in with the developers to see what the latest news is.

UPDATE: news from the devs, Vita and Switch releases coming after the PC release! It will focus on PvP combat vs tanks with control points. But with tanks you can build during the battle and commanders will have abilities that level up.

A horizontal lane based WWII tank strategy game, Pixel Panzers certainly looks a little different, can't wait to hear more about it. A few weird MOBA-like titles came to the Vita including Invokers and some weird god game whose name escapes me, but this like a more practical proposition.

Their Twitter feed has loads of close-ups of armour, trains, landscape features and other elements of the sweet-looking pixelly game. They also have regular dev streams on Twitch, so take a peek.

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