Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New trailer for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory

Hitting Japan in December, Bandai's likely swansong major title (aside from Gintama Rumble) for the Vita is looking good. There's lots of English text, new characters and monsters as we in the west await the early 2018 release. Check it out for some more hints at the story, vaguely surprised there isn't a Switch version added to the PS4 and Vita editions, but wouldn't be surprised if there was a "total" edition later next year.

UPDATE: Replaced the Japanese trailer with an EU one. Also. Bandai has confirmed a western release date of 19 January (EU) and fleshed out the story with the following info...

Confusion reigns since the collapse of the wall between the real and the digital dimensions. Digimon are now in the real world and the Hudie hacking group seems to have been informed about this chaos. How did they know? Are they involved?
 Yuuko Kamishiro, the daughter of Satoru Kamishiro, the former president of Kamishiro Enterprise of EDEN who apparently killed himself. She has some doubts about her guardian Rie Kishibe as she suspects him to have some links with her father’s death and the strange events happening in the world. She decided to join the Hudie group to investigate the runaway hackers. Kyoko Kuremi , another mysterious character, is a private detective specialised in cyber-related cases, she often arrives on site before the heroes when she investigates. That’s surprising…
To help find the truth about these odd events, “Hacker’s Memory” can be collected in the main scenario and sub-quests. These “Hacker’s Memory” are full of information and data. They will be extremely useful in figuring the real agendas of different characters whilst collecting rewards!

Bandai still has a Gundam title and likely a few more "updates" for 2018, but after that it looks like rather an empty slate.

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