Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Vita tick down to sales extinction continues in Japan

With Andrew House spouting his usual "smartphone rules" crap (the only time Vita ever gets mentioned in the mainstream press) as rabid Switch buying continues, the Vita stands no chance out on the streets.

That rhetoric comes with another 150 sales drop off in the latest Media Create chart data. The countdown to hardware production extinction is definitely ticking (more on that last week). Whatever magic number Sony needs to keep producing Vita hardware can only be around the corner, or perhaps it will just give up after a final push for seasonal sales.

Since the original chart (still updated at the bottom for history's sake) is pretty meaningless now, here's the post seasonal Vita sales for 2017. Tick, tick, tick!

As an aside, The sales issue is not all Sony's fault, it looks like Japanese stores are loaded with second-hand units that make selling new models a tougher task, especially with no new colours or Limited Editions this year.

On the software front, another Otome title shifts 5,450 units to scratch the lower reaches of the chart but will vanish next week. Increasingly, even decent upcoming fodder Occultic;9 from Mages, out tomorrow, and the next major(ish) release Tokyo Clanpool from Compile Heart next week will do little better.

From a visibility perspective, the Vita is fading fast in Japan, and with a dwindling release list, even local publishers are turning to indies like Va11-Ha11-A. Enjoy these last months folks, and the extended gasp of brave developer support, it has been a fun ride!

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