Monday, August 21, 2017

Sony teasing the reveal of something new for PlayStation

Common sense says this has less than 0.1% chance of being a new Vita, but just in case, I'll put this here. Most likely it isn't something "new" at all, but some random PS4 bundle, it looks very sports car, os Gran Turismo GT Sports? Or possibly, a PS4/PSVR package or an even cheaper PS4 Slim design.

UPDATE: As expected, just a new Gran Turismo Sport LE, pretty but hardly new. However, I hope Sony noted all the requests for a new Vita in the comments of the original post. There is still much love.

For actually "new" it could be a hardware extender, augmented gaming kit, a breakout box or external storage option, there are many things it could be, but would they really be teased like this?

But, just in case Sony wants to go toe-to-toe with Nintendo Switch, then there's always that faintest of hopes for a Vita Pro or PlayStation 4 Portable Player. Guess we'll find out at one of Sony's upcoming events. Anyway, definitely none of them, whatsoever, obviously!

Sony isn't officially at Gamescom beyond a booth, and Paris Games Week is at the beginning of November, so I'd expect an out-of-sequence reveal to stand apart from all the other news. Since there's no timer on reveal, stay tuned!

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