Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Indie Vita dev update

As the bigger publishers move their focus to Switch, The Vita community is increasingly reliant on smaller developers and publishers for Vita games. Here's a look around the caves of #VitaIsland where the coders are hard at work.

You can check out Twitter for the regular posts from a bunch of teams working on Vita games:

Rainbite for Reverie (daily posts and a new dev blog)
Behind the Stone for Sir Eatsalot (regular updates)
Valfaris (lots of art and WIP imagery)
Luc Bernard plenty of Mecho Tales update
These are the few that spring to mind, do tweet me with links to other regular posters!

But there are still loads more that are working quietly under the radar. Some won't talk about a game at all until Sony "magically" announces it, others are just too busy juggling real life and coding to have much of a social media presence.

Canadian team Celcius are still hard at work on space explorer, combat and trading game Drifter, with this March build showing the game coming along nicely. First announced in 2014, the game will be done when it's done, but is definitely something to look forward to as the Vita remains pretty bereft of spacy fun.

Kickstarter is definitely on the way out for Vita, but there are still dozens of titles in progress and while news can be sketchy, stuff is still happening. This often coincides with devs having a PC or other version to prioritise.

The Muv Luv team recently announced that the major goal of its Kickstarter was done, and "we can now resume PS Vita development of the trilogy. We apologize again for the severe delays, and like we said before, we'll fully commit to them and will get most of the items in our checklist done before the year ends."

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