Wednesday, July 5, 2017

NISA bringing Demon Gaze II and Penny Punching Princess west

After a raft of visual novels out of Anime Expo, here come the RPGs, with NISA's successor to the hugely popular Demon Gaze arriving later this year and Penny Punching Princess (was Penny-Hungry Princess in Japan) in 2018. Longest Five Minutes slips from a 2017 release into next year.

There are limited editions shown off for each game, but no sign of a Vita physical release (yet), will check in with NISA and see what's happening.

In PPP, our newly minted Princess has to bribe her enemies to fight for her, rather than the usual bunch of heroes. She can also activate deadly traps to turn the tide of battle in this fast-paced RPG brawler.

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