Monday, July 31, 2017

Japan showing some indie Vita love

Good old Shuhei Yoshida announced that Salt and Sanctuary had sold over 100,000 in Japan across PS4 and Vita, and now Undertale is confirmed as getting a Japanese release in mid-August.
With the Japanese news simmering down to a collection of increasingly niche RPGs, visual novels and fan service games, along with "also on Vita" mentions for  Monster Hunter and PSO2, local publishers need a few straws to clutch on. That's to maintain a reason to publish on Vita and to find new sources of games outside that shrinking pool.

Hopefully, Japan will finally invest in a little more original thinking as these games show both a profit and a desire from local gamers to try something new. If a few of those local games come west, like Downwell, all the better!

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