Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Plague Road, the Vita hit the world needs to know about

Developer Luc Bernard has taken to Twitter to highlight the success of tactical combat game Plague Road, with the Vita version beating expectations and other formats hands down with consistently good sales. "Plague Road sold yesterday more on day 1 on Vita than Steam since release."

His message for other developers is simple, the Vita can make your game a success, and if you focus on the community, you should do well. Our job is to spread that message to the many indies who aren't considering the Vita, especially for pixel, low-poly games, and highlight the possibilities.

There are so many games on Steam it is easy to get swamped, the Vita is a niche but highly active market with a better chance of reward for a decent product.

Success breeds success, so we're getting Luc's next game, Mecho Tales too. This is the sort of deal that people need to know about, so get sharing and (politely) nudging other developers over!

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