Thursday, May 4, 2017

What, if anything, will Sony announce for Vita at E3?

The date is set, 12th June at 6PM Pacific (9PM Eastern, 2AM UK, boo!) Sony will take to the stage to talk all things PS4 and a bit of PS Virtual Reality at the PlayStation E3 Media Showcase. If we're lucky, a 5 second mention of the Vita could bring us another WindJammers, some random indies or other tit-bit.

If we're very lucky a cheapo Vita 3000 model with microSD card support could be dropped to leech off the back of interest in the Nintendo Switch. Or, if my Sony exec mind-control campaign has worked, the PlayStation Vita 2 in full HD with all PS4 controls will launch in a blaze of fireworks and dancing elephants!

Or, as is usual, Sony will continue to pretend the handheld doesn't exist having removed it from store shelves and turned even buying a Vita into an episode of Mission Impossible. Let us know what you think might happen, or what random retro or indie game could get a brief taste of the high life.

I would give a great big cheer if the likes of Kerbal Space Program or Stardew Valley came from the current crop of indies, while any retro shooters like Raiden (the PS One version is on the Hong Kong store!), Ikaruga or similar would also be welcome

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