Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Retro shooter Seraphim first look

Studio Ravenheart flaps the Vita's way, with its unique looking twin-stick shooter, Seraphim. Set in an abstract celestial realm, part space, part alternate universe, you assume the role of a great being - so, an angel then? Its job is to defend planets that orbit within this mighty structure from some invading sentient matter, blasting comets from your mighty wings as threatening cosmic beings surround you from all directions.

An iOS/Android original release from a few years back, it looks pretty distinct and if the mechanics work well on the Vita, then should be another fine addition to our roster of shooters.

Seraphim Features​:

  • A Captivating, Abstract 3D Art Style
  • Rapid Twin Stick Arcade/Shooter Action
  • A Full Story Mode Featuring 24 Stages, Boss Battles & Cinematics 
  • A Score Attack Mode With Leaderboard

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