Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Vita sales continue to fall as Switch takes hold in Japan

Vita sales slid to a level not seen since the barren post-launch wasteland of 2012 in Japan, with the machine selling 5,600 in the latest Media Create hardware sales figures.

Sales are definitely been caned by the Switch, which is selling every unit Nintendo can make in Japan, with Mario Kart to come in a couple of weeks. And with Minecraft coming to Switch soon, it should make an easy replacement for all those Japanese currently loving the blocky game on their Vita.

The only Vita interest on the chart, aside from Minecraft, is Entergram's new busty schoolgirl adventure RepKiss which managed to sell around 3,000 copies.

Still, things are looking up over the next few weeks, with Sting's Dungeon Travelers 2-2 out this week and Desire Remaster, Akiba's Beat and Exile Election on the 27th, but even that lot won't move Vita sales much, Sony needs new colours or a new model and fast to stay competitive, which seems less likely than ever, even as Switch gains steam.

While the small but loyal Vita userbase may continue to punch way above their weight in Japan, the power of the Switch launch will soon see publishers and developers switch focus if momentum continues.

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