Friday, April 7, 2017

Nippon Ichi put on the frightners

Its only a five second clip, but this new teaser site from NIS Japan, is showing off a new horror game. New clips will be added in the coming weeks, certainly, there's nothing blipvert or subliminal that I can see in the frames of this clip.

Is it a Vita game, is it another class-murder fest or something new, gritty and realistic? Guess we'll find out in a few weeks. Looks like NIS has a few new games up its sleeve, which should give us a good indication of how Vita support, or not, is looking post Switch launch.

UPDATE: Okay, the game is confirmed as a remake, Iwaihime Matsuri, of Ryukishi 07's horror series, coming to PS4 and Vita later this year.

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