Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Float along with new Spike RPG Zanki Zero

Look to the horizon, possibly into 2018 when this new Spike RPG could hit Japan. Zanki Zero is a story set on a flooded Earth, developed by the Danganronpa 2 team. Among the ruins, young and old must survive and expand their world, with a large party of eight characters playing important individual roles across the chapters.

UPDATE: A new piece of art for the game that adorns the cover of the new Dengeki PlayStation magazine.

Gameplay takes place on a seamless world map, with battles taking place in the same area. On the plus side, for once this game can get away with putting characters in swimwear, without batting an eyelid. They could also put in a fishing mini-game and it would make actual sense! Although I hope there's some aquatic armour for dealing with the creatures that now thrive in the floods.

Famitsu has some artwork, in its brief reveal, but with the game only 10% complete, don't go expecting soggy gameplay clips any time soon.

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