Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bandai's new game is Code Vein

Coming to unspecified formats, Bandai Namco across the world has just dropped some information via Famitsu to go with last week's teaser trailer. With what looks like a vampire-tinged Souls game, it features a range of attacks, and buddy support, that can strengthen your own character or weaken enemies.

UPDATE: The title now features in the new Famitsu magazine and looks rather too shiny and detailed for the Vita, while still very much in the God Eater vein, but I guess we'll find out soon enough.

FURTHER UPDATE: Bandai's western PR state the game is coming to "major home consoles in 2018" which doesn't sound very Vita to me.

UPDATE: Confirmed from E3 2017, the game is for current-next-gen consoles and PC only, no code vein for Vita owners.

As a Unreal Engine-powered game, I'd guess the likelihood of a Vita version is low, although others have proven it can work, if enough hoops are jumped through. And, since its from the some of the God Eater team, they should have the experience to create a version that does the job. More to be found out soon, whenever the Bandai press release arrives, likely this week, with some gameplay videos hitting next month.

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