Monday, April 24, 2017

Akiba's Beat Story trailer

This popped up last week, but is well worth checking out, as are the pics comparing the real Akihabara to the in-game version. PQube are bringing Acquire's Akiba's Beat to western gamers, on May 19 (Europe). The action RPG with a musical twist is set in an accurate but stylised recreation of Akihabara.

UPDATE: I'm reviewing the game now, the game struggles with graphical tearing and some poor combat choices early on - plus a lot of exposition chat for even the simplest of progress! Hopefully it comes together soon. PQube are putting up regular character trailers for the crew, starting with Asahi and Saki.

As dark forces descend on the town, the people’s memories, hopes and dreams manifest in reality and warp Akihabara in strange ways, threatening the very fabric of space and time!

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