Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Vita sales continue to slide in Japan

The latest Media Create chart shows another 430 unit drop off in Vita sales over the week, as the Switch continues to sell strong. That down to around 7,500 for the week, still not bad for Sony's creaky old hardware.

On the software front, Accel World vs SAO creeps toward 50K as it drops down to No. 7 while Minecraft sneaks back into the top 20, still selling 4K a week and now up to 1.13 million physical copies. Perhaps that's why Sony Japan has some renewed focus on the Vita, if only for kids. No sign of Side Kicks in the MC chart, perhaps it'll appear in Famitsu's later.

UPDATE: Side Kicks sold a decent 3,200 (60-80% of its initial production run) for 25th place in Famitsu's chart. Digital could well double that, but a shame that it wasn't more aggressively promoted, as the game seemed to offer something pretty different to the usual VNs, but that could be part of its problem.

This week sees Musou Stars release, but can't see gamers rushing out to buy a Vita for that, even if the software sales are decent, although likely below PS4 sales.

Last week's chart

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