Thursday, March 30, 2017

Something God Eater comes this way

Two years ago, on the 5th anniversary of God Eater, we got a look at the revamped Resurrection. Now on the 7th birthday, after a painful nico nico show of flogging viewers the CD, the trainers, the concert, the toys and the watch, we finally got a glimpse of something new from Bandai Namco in the world of God Eater.

UPDATE: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment UK has put out a new teaser trailer for the new GOD EATER project. "The calamity that devoured Fenrir continues… And from the ashes, a new generation of Gods begins!"

Since that comes from western Bandai Namco, I guess a worldwide release is assured. Yet, as is annoyingly common, they don't mention formats. Let's just hope they stick with the Vita for one more round! Given the series' popularity in Japan, (500K physical sales for Rage Burst and Resurrection) it would have to release there, but will Bandai's foreign divisions bring it here?

The God Eater community and game site hasn't updated yet, so no sneaking in to find any hints.

All it shows is something very big, angry and capable of melting buildings! Nice!

Original: Sure its covered by niconico shit, but here's a tiny peek at the next God Eater, whatever it may be, and whatever formats it may land on.

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