Monday, March 13, 2017

New Vita games splurge from Japan

Is two a splurge? While not exactly a torrent, a couple of news pieces from Japan from this morning and over the weekend signal more Vita gaming goodness on the way.

First up Sega is dragging the Virtual On name back to life, with a bizarre sounding cross over with the Certain Magical Index... visual novels. Quite how this will play out, the trailer showing characters and robots from both series doesn't really help, but I guess supernatural powers from the VNs will leak into a robot-summoning ability? Who knows! Anyway, A Certain Magical Virtual On is due in 2018 on Vita and PS4!

The Certain Magical Index crew were last seen in Dengeki's Fighting Climax compendium brawler.

And, just when you think there will never be any all-new, all-Vita games, Compile Heart reaffirms its love for the handheld with a tweet. Hopefully leaving the endless string of Neptunia titles behind, a new RPG will be revealed soon,

Having focused, naturally enough, on the PS4 in recent months, good to see Compile Heart still loves its Vita audience.

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