Friday, January 6, 2017

Vita kicks off 2017 with 25,000 sales in Japan

That little lonely red dot on the left, that's Vita sales last week in Japan, which I know crosses last and this year, but to keep things neat represents the start of 2017 for this chart. Vita sold 25,487 according to Media Create chart data.

Overall, Sony's venerable gadget is now approaching 5.5 million units in Japan, but 2016's sales were 200K down on 2015, and will probably be maybe only 600K for 2017. Expect this year's black line (seems fitting for what should be the last year of decent Vita releases) to be flatter than a pancake, especially with the challenge of Nintendo Switch on the way. Will Sony really leave the handheld market entirely to Nintendo, which has sold over 20 million 3DS units in various forms?

In quiet software sales, Minecraft rolls on well past the million mark and SaGa Scarlet Grace sticks around approaching 90,000 sales. Out next week is Danganronpa V3 which should help sales along a little bit.

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