Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Games Workshop's PS4/Vita Talisman arrives in spring

Nomad Games and the legendary Games Workshop will unleash the Talisman board game,
adapted to bring the experience to PlayStation 4 and Vita. Given most board/card Vita games died on their arse, hopefully a big brand title will have more legs!

Going the full D&D route, family or friends take on the classic roles of a heroic warrior, powerful sorceress, wizard or even a troll. Each of you are on a Magical Quest - In this perilous adventure, players battle it out to journey across a dangerous land and be the first to claim the Crown of Command, a magical artefact with the power to destroy all rivals and make the bearer the true ruler of the kingdom.

The PlayStation version will include over 50 characters to choose from, alternative endings and rules, unlock-able perks, as well as a number of expansions. So for all you fantasy RPG fans out there, be prepared for an epic adventure with friends and family this Spring!

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