Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Xenoraid swarming the Vita in early January

Finnish developers 10tons continue to bring the games with  Xenoraid hitting the Vita, hot on the heels of the awesome Neon Chrome. The latest shooter from the team arrives on January 10th for America and 11th for Europe for $9.99 (likely £7.99) but will be free as Cross Buy if you already own the PS4 version

Xenoraid’s gameplay is accessible to all with procedural missions, real time fighter switching to keep things fresh and an additional Hard Mode and three survival levels with online leaderboards for replayability. It looks like the Vita version is single player only, but still should be bags of fun.

UPDATE: The game should be pretty identical to other versions, the developers state "Technically speaking there are less dust layers in the background on the Vita version, and I believe we switched the inactive area blur effect when navigating menus to a much lighter fade effect."

  • Experience dynamic shoot'em up action with no level memorization 
  • Switch between four fighters in the heat of combat 
  • Manage your squadron with weapon and tech upgrades 
  • Master advanced shooting mechanics like fighter tilting and weapon heat 
  • Fight through a Campaign mode with more than 40 missions and four boss fights 
  • Compete in three endless Survival stages with online leaderboards

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