Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Rogue Raiders goes PC after Vita KS comes up short

Firstly, kudos to Christina Martin for even trying to launch a Vita Kickstarter, especially one as impressive looking as Rogue Raiders. Her campaign was smart, the game looked cool and she responded well to comments, despite some unwarranted hostility. But, even with the support of most Vita sites, getting 267 backers and only €8,000 in funding was well short of the goals.

Perhaps the online element spooked potential backers, certainly from what I could see, or there was little way to get others interested who aren't in this fun little community. Whatever, it makes for a tough future.

Goodbye furry fellow, we barely knew you!
Firstly, we're unlikely to see a Vita only Kickstarter again, so expect to be clinging to those stretch goals. Generally, even those have declined this year, so if you see a Vita goal for a game, back it before they vanish for good. If anyone does fancy a Vita-led Kickstarter, make sure the game is easily recognisable as a concept, and is well on the road to completion.

Secondly, Rogue Raiders will now head to PC to get wider backing on Steam, and will hopefully appear on the Vita is there is enough interest and Christina has the time to make a port. Backers of the KS, who haven't lost any money (some people seem to have a hard time getting that point) will be invited to early access!

Thanks again Christina, it was a fun ride, shame it didn't work out.

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