Monday, November 21, 2016

Get Slain on PSN this week

Not got that Christmas feeling yet? Fair enough there's over a month to go. However, as a Vita owner, I've been looking forward to Slain for long enough. Sure, we had to wait a while as the developer patched the launch version which met with a mixed reception, but now we get the real deal game, the "Back to Hell" full fat game, with every bloody pixel glowing in OLED glory.

UPDATE: Note the developers are working on a nasty bug, so you may want to hold off until a patch is in place, as it may limit your progress.

Slain is out this week on PSN, there is a physical PS4 version coming, hopefully the Vita will get the same treatment, which would make a very cool gift! Signature Edition, the people behind the boxed version are polling Vita users, so make yourself heard.

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