Monday, October 31, 2016

World of Final Fantasy tops UK Vita chart in new release rampage

Proving that retail sales do still happen and matter for the Vita, new releases kick out the usual suspects in the latest chart. WoFF hits No. 1 with word of sell outs among many stores, which is impressive, or Square only produced a few thousand units.

There are three new entries and Valkyrie Drive goes up the chart - something that rarely happens in Vita land.

1. World of Final Fantasy (Square) NEW
2. Root Letter (PQube) NEW
3. Minecraft (Mojang) Non-mover
4. Yomawari (NIS) NEW
5. Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhumi (PQube) Up from No. 6 

None of them have the chops to break into the individual format chart, but WoFF hits the all-formats chart at No. 11 counting both Vita and PS4 sales.

Will update the PSN chart when Sony bothers to crunch the numbers for that. Here we go (as of Friday):

1. Dragon Quest Builders
2. Darkest Dungeon
3. Odin Sphere
4. Oddword New n Tasty
5. Need for Speed Most Wanted
6. LoH: Trails of Cold Steel

Over on Amazon UK, WoFF tops the chart with Valkyrie Drive at No. 3 and Root Letter in at No. 6.

Latest Japanese chart info and Vita unit sales.

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