Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Castle Invasion gets a PEGI Vita rating

Just outed by a PEGI rating for the Vita, Castle Invasion: Throne Out from Cat Trap Games is a comic 2D tower defence game. You get to defend your king's castle with a snarky archer against the onslaught of a rival king's army. Features include:
  • 50 frantic, action packed levels.
  • 5 deadly bosses.
  • Use coins dropped by enemies to buy over 40 weapon upgrades...then feel guilty for being a murderer.
  • Wizards, jesters, knights, dwarves, executioners. All the things you wanted to skewer with spears when you were a child but you were born in the wrong time. Now you can!
  • Full to bursting with awful, awful puns.

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