Saturday, August 20, 2016

Wanderjahr goes big on RPG battling

Wanderjahr is a geek-centric RPG combat game hitting the Vita next week. You can play up to 18 characters with different roles, fight against tricky monsters in challenging battles, solve mysterious quests, and discover the beautiful and inspirational story.

Wanderjahr tells the story of UN Jariya, a global organization charged with maintaining world order and peace. You see, a hundred years ago, the Universal Source Code was discovered - and its secrets and structure was the key to create a better universe in harmony and peace.

With changes, updates and tweaking, the code could be improved to create a better existence to all, but alas, when you least expect it, two weeks before you are done, evil shows its ugly face, and monsters appear in droves with the intent to destroy everything you have worked for. Is this a coincidence?

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