Friday, August 5, 2016

Shinoa gets her own Criminal Girls 2 trailer

Not long to wait until September and the new outing for the Criminal Girls, which looks a big improvement on the first one, while keeping its lady tickling USP in tact. Here's a trailer for Shinoa (bottom), one of the new characters to grace the RPG quests and spanking sessions.

UPDATE: Another new trailer, this time for Tsukasa... is she the girl who doesn't fit in - literally and spiritually?

This week's trailer is for Kuroe, who is a bit of an enigma. She doesn't say much, and when she does speak, it's through the mouth of her stuffed animal, Baron. A calm and gentle girl with a penchant for magic. Use her to heal or set up some powerful magic spells.

Update: And here's a trailer for Lily, a pampered, rich princess of a girl. She's got an attitude that's constantly at odds with her manners. If she doesn't like something, she will let you know about it. To get past that exterior, a little Motivation might be in order... She's got the best defense on the team with some extremely valuable protection skills, so use her shield wisely!

Note, the game has been refused certification in Germany, effectively banning it there, along with Australia. That will likely make #Henkaku and access to foreign PSN stores all the more popular!

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