Tuesday, August 30, 2016

God Eater 2 and Resurrection equals 13.6GB download on Vita

Time to buy (yet) another memory card folks. According to PSN, the God Eater 2 and Resurrection bundle is down as a 13.6GB download (17GB on the PS4 - slackers). So, that's my 8GB stick out, and I'm still playing most of the games on my 32GB memory card.

UPDATE: Okay, PSN was wrong, looking at the download sizes on my Vita, God Eater 2 is 3.3GB and GE Resurrection is 3.4GB. still going to need a whole new card for these though!

 Of course, I could go buy the physical version (in the EU) of GE2, but I'd still have to download the Resurrection game. No wonder games in Japan will soon come on two game cards! How are you enjoying your Vita God Eating today?

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