Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Genki Tokki: Seven Pirates raid the Japanese chart

The 3DS is on a roll, locking out the top five with new and recent entries in the new Media Create chart. Toukiden 2 slides down to No. 6 selling 13,4000, while the saucy, fun-loving, Genki Pirates from Compile Heart make port at No. 8 selling over 12,200 copies. Ys VIII is drifting fast down to 12, while even the immovable force that is Minecraft looks like it could finally vanish from the chart, down to No. 20.

Hardware sales are down to just over 10,000 for the Vita, pretty amazing given the limp roster in recent months. There's nothing out for the next few weeks, so expect it to dip further. The question remains if Sony will respond to the Nintendo's NX with a new model featuring video out or a new dock, or simply plug on regardless.

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