Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Does a WiFi component mean a new Vita Trinity model?

In the deadest of dead summer weeks for Vita news, people are scrambling for any sort of information. So when a WiFi module from Sony Interactive turns up at the FCC for compliance testing, that is clearly confirmation of a new model Vita, right?

Maybe, but probably not, as Sony has many things with WiFi radios in them, including the new PS4 Neo. So, while an update to a 5GHz faster WiFi unit would be cool in some modest Vita upgrade, perhaps for Japan only - we'll need to see a lot more evidence first about this whole Neo, Morpheus, Trinity thing that is getting people a little too hot under the collar based on new actual information.

That's especially as we've seen this sort of excitement over random components before, which is weird considering the hatred for Vita from most western gamers anyway.

However, since its summer and there's not much else to do except play the Hatsune Miku demo and check out the odd Japanese trailer, let's play away and imagine your perfect next-gen or updated Vita. Your thoughts in the comments please...

Possible: New JP-only Vita model with faster WiFi, better battery, new screen, HD-out to replace VitaTV and perhaps new colours.

Impossible: Vita 2 model with current-gen mobile core, 1080p HD screen, standard SD cards, dual-OS Android compatible.

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