Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Amnesia Memories and Badland are your PS+ games for September

Oh wow, Amnesia Memories is so random, Sony's blog post doesn't even have a link for it. Read my review of the visual novel from 10 months ago instead. Platform adventure Badland is the other game for PS Vita owners, making another pretty sporadic month for those still clinging on to their PS+ subscriptions.

Seriously, Sony should either kill it for the Vita or open up a whole lot of games to make it worth any newbies to think about joining. I gave up a few months back and haven't really missed anything from the back catalogue, and the money saved I could use to buy any PS+ title I particularly miss.

Valkyrie Drive gets a non-stick limited edition

Feel liberated with the Valkyrie Drive Liberator's limited edition (previously just the Collector's Edition), a £59.99 bundle of joy from Rice Digital to celebrate the launch of the ladies in this sexy battling game.

The game is out on 16 September and this edition includes:

  • 8x gorgeous Art Cards featuring the ladies of Valkyrie Drive 
  • Vita Peach Skin Case 
  • The Official Soundtrack 
  • The Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni- Artbook 
  • High quality Presentation Box with Exclusive Original Artwork

Tiny Troopers get zombie campaign DLC

Still playing Tiny Troopers from Wired? If not grab your PSN copy again and get ready for a fresh invasion, of the zombie kind. As part of the Zombie Campaign DLC, players will be able to get their hands on eight brand new zombie-laden missions which involve various challenges to repel the army of the dead.

Players will engage in operations such as assembling and deploying troops to eliminate the supernatural invasion, protecting soldiers against the incoming stream of relentless undead, surviving against all odds until backup can arrive, and making sure all operating systems are still up-and-running throughout the zombie apocalypse. Players will also get the opportunity to unlock brand new trophies!

Hatsune Miku Diva X screens

Since the review codes for the EU version are delayed, here's some pics to celebrate the launch of Hatsune Miku Diva X from Sega. You might also want to check out the launch trailer from yesterday, or if you're unsure grab the PSN demo.

Vita sales drop below 10K in Japan

The latest Media Create chart and sales figure show Japan lurching toward the end of summer.

Sengoku Otome: Legend Battle is the only major Vita new entry shifting a modest 16,054 to land at No. 5, while yet another Idea Factory otome title, Moujuu-Tachi to Ohimesama, sneaks in at No. 19 with 4.750 sales.

Weekly Vita unit sales drop below the 10K barrier for the first time this year, but are broadly on trend with previous years. Will any release provide those big spikes over the last quarter of the year? Or is Sony supply-constraining the Vita to manage demand, and prevent big rises and falls to maintain a steady income?

Atelier Firis Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey from Gust and Demon Gaze 2 from Kadokawa are out in Japan later this week, which might help provide the first signs of some much needed spikiness!

Last week's data here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

God Eater 2 and Resurrection equals 13.6GB download on Vita

Time to buy (yet) another memory card folks. According to PSN, the God Eater 2 and Resurrection bundle is down as a 13.6GB download (17GB on the PS4 - slackers). So, that's my 8GB stick out, and I'm still playing most of the games on my 32GB memory card.

UPDATE: Okay, PSN was wrong, looking at the download sizes on my Vita, God Eater 2 is 3.3GB and GE Resurrection is 3.4GB. still going to need a whole new card for these though!

 Of course, I could go buy the physical version (in the EU) of GE2, but I'd still have to download the Resurrection game. No wonder games in Japan will soon come on two game cards! How are you enjoying your Vita God Eating today?

Hatsune Miku Diva launches on Vita

Back from her hair advertising duties with Scarlett Johansson, Ms. Miku is ready to rock the Vita chart, or try battling God Eater and Attack on Titan (also out today) as best she can armed with only a squeaky voice and amazing hair! On the plus side the game is a pretty tin 2,5GB, compared to her angrier launch buddies!
Here's the new trailer from Sega, In Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X, the world is comprised of five unique Clouds, each with its own aura – Classic, Cool, Cute, Elegant, and Quirky. As Miku and her friends progress, the auras of the songs they perform and even the modules they choose will have a profound effect on fulfilling challenge conditions for players to test themselves with.

There’s also the newly added Concert Editor, which lets players create their own mini-concerts from the songs, modules and accessories they collect. As players take on Requests and explore Clouds with Miku and her friends, they begin to forge relationships, and ultimately, will reveal the secret of the eponymous “X.”

Enjoy the character art from World of Final Fantasy

Some character art to brighten up that back to work Tuesday (for UK readers)... you want sharks, angry cephalopods and other deep sea beasties, you got them! Penguins with moustaches? Why not!

The Square Enix title is out at the end of October, along with what's probably the Vita's last year of a strong lineup. Hopefully with the Day One boxed release of some extra DLC value, there will be something worth collecting, perhaps even the metal slime LE Vita!

Sword Art Online Hollow Realization gets pre-order DLC bonuses and limited editions

Arriving on 8 November, the latest chapter in the Sword Art Online saga sees a bunch of God Eater goodies available, artwork of figurines, depending on where you order from.
  • Three exclusive costumes: a nightwear costume for female characters, as well as two costumes from God Eater, Soma’s costume for male characters and Livie’s costume for female characters (available by pre-ordering at GAME, GameStop, Grainger Games, ShopTo, Zavvi and other independent UK retailers). 
  • An exclusive lithograph signed by the creator of Sword Art Online himself: Reki Kawahara. (available only at Zavvi). 
  • The Collector’s Edition: including the standard game along with two exclusive 17cm figurines: of Kirito and Asuna (available in the UK at Grainger Games, ShopTo, Zavvi and other UK retailers).
Kudos to Bandai for putting up a decent retail presence, for Hollow Realization, hopefully Square will take note when it comes to Dragon Quest Builers!

God Wars spins up a new trailer

Sit through the doe-eyed CV pages and the pretty tired anime clips and enjoy God Wars for what it is, a very smart looking tactics combat game with spinning levels and some of the prettiest trees yet seen on the Vita. The isometric battling is the heart of the game and makes up about four seconds of the trailer, but I'm very interested in what else God Wars has to offer.

Hatsune Miku ropes in Scarlett Johansson for dodgy hair advert

Miku mania is sweeping the west with the release of Diva X this week, with the Vita game out today on PSN. But in Japan, things are more refined and luxurious with the digital dame getting calls from her "chum" Scarlett Johansson. The star of Eight Legged Freaks, Lost in Translation and a few other films that will have gone down well over there, probably trades tips with a bunch of polygons all the time.

A shame the Vita can't render such stylish tresses in real time, but we'll have to settle with stabbing buttons frantically in time to the songs, and being too busy to notice.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Get the gig with this new Ghost Hunters trailer

So, this is an updated version of the Japanese original with the improvements being revised scenarios, a sensory input system, brand-new scenarios and characters, battle system tweaks, and much more! But since we missed the original, how will we ever know if these are actually better?

Meet the crew in Berserk

I'll run these videos since they concentrate on the shiny faced heroes, but all the other press Tecmo is throwing out with PS4 videos and screens I'm ignoring, since they will bear no resemblance to whatever the Vita version will end up looking like.

Interestingly, it seems very few Vita review versions of Attack On Titan made it out. Presumably to stop people being "confused" by the lower quality visuals and "thinking" they were the PS4 edition - as if gamers wouldn't notice the difference.

UPDATE: And here's a third contender... meet Scheirke.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Money-Hungry Princess nicks the Bond Theme

From Software's and NIS's Money-Hungry Princess is taking liberties with a certain introductory theme tune, but beyond that we have a first look at this pixelly heist action-RPG. Music isn't the only thing the princess is stealing, with her in full flow as our heroine goes after all the gold. Certainly looks like a lot of fun with plenty of pace, as long as they don't weigh it down with dumb plot.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Collar X Malice loves Japans Media Create chart

A single new entry for the Vita this week on Media Create's chart, with Idea Factory otome title Collar X Malice making a modest dent, landing at No. 11 with 7,200 sales. Otherwise Toukiden 2 continues to grind out a few more with another 5,000 sales taking it to 86,000 boxed copies.

Vita hardware sales dropped 1,000 to sell just above 10,000 this week. However, Japan will have its own PlayStation event on September 13 which hopefully will see a new colour update or hardware refresh, among all the fake excitement over PlayStation VR. It will be beamed live on YouTube if you're around.

EU PSN Vita sale now on

The Americans had their fun with a flash sale at the weekend, now we get a go to pick up a bargain or two with a new sale, that's pretty much the usual old PS one, PSP and a few Vita suspects. Certainly nothing new of note. Still, a good time to pick up that missing Tomb Raider, Metal Gear (Peace Walker for £3.29), Tekken, Persona or other classic.

Ace Combat Joint Assault, Alundra, Ape Academy, Ape Academy 2, Ape Escape, Ape Quest, Arc Arena: Monster Tournament, Arc the Lad 1, Arc the Lad II, Arc the Lad III, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, CAPCOM CLASSICS COLLECTION RELOADED, CAPCOM CLASSICS COLLECTION REMIXED ESSENTIALS, CAPCOM PUZZLE WORLD, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Cool Boarders 2, Cool Boarders, Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped, Crash Bandicoot®2: Cortex Strikes Back, CTR™: Crash Team Racing, Darkstalkers Chronicle, Destruction Derby, Disgaea Infinite, DISGAEA2: DARK HERO DAYS, Everybody’s Golf® 2, Farming Classic Collection, Fate/EXTRA, Fear Effect 2™: Retro Helix, Fear Effect™, Fighting Force 2™, Fighting Force™, Gangs of London™, Gex: Deep Cover Gecko, GEX™, GEX™ 3D: Enter the Gecko, GODS EATER BURST, G-Police®, Grand Theft Auto PS Vita Collection, GRAND THEFT AUTO: CHINATOWN WARS, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, GRANDIA, Half Minute Hero, Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, INTERNATIONAL TRACK and FIELD, Jak 3™, Jak and Daxter Trilogy, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy™, Jak II™: Renegade, Jet Rider™, Jet Rider™ 2, Jet Set Radio, Jumping Flash, Klonoa™: Door to Phantomile, Kula World™, Kurushi Final, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver™, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, MANA KHEMIA: STUDENT ALLIANCE, MediEvil®, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, METAL GEAR SOLID, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty – HD Edition, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – HD Edition, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Monster Hunter Freedom Essentials, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Motor Toon Grand Prix™ 2, NAMCO Heritage Bundle, Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, PANDEMONIUM 2™, PANDEMONIUM™, Patapon™ [PSP], Patapon™ 2 [PSP], Persona 2/3 Bundle, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, Persona 3 Portable, Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle, Prinny 2, Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero?, Ratchet & Clank™, Ratchet & Clank™ 2, Ratchet & Clank™ 3, Ratchet & Clank™ Trilogy, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, RESIDENT EVIL DIRECTOR’S CUT, Ridge Racer Type 4, Ridge Racer™, RIDGE RACER™ – Ultimate Edition, Rockstar Games PS Vita Collection, RPG Classic Collection, RSG’s Magnificent Seven, Sega Mega Drive Collection, SILENT HILL, Sly 2: Band of Thieves™, Sly 3: Honour Among Thieves™, Sly Raccoon™, Sly Trilogy, SOULCALIBUR: BROKEN DESTINY, Spectral Souls: RotEE, Spyro The Dragon Trilogy, STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 2, STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 MAX, Suikoden, Suikoden II, SUPER MONKEY BALL ADVENTURE, Super Star Wars, Syphon Filter™, Syphon Filter™ 3, TEKKEN 2, TEKKEN 6, TEKKEN 6 + SoulCalibur:Broken Destiny, TEKKEN™, THE WARRIORS, TOMB RAIDER, Tomb Raider Chronicles™, Tomb Raider II Starring Lara Croft, Tomb Raider III, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, Tomba 2! : The Evil Swine Return, Tomba!, Twisted Metal™, Urban Chaos™, Valhalla Knights, Valhalla Knights 2, Valhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance, Vib-ribbon™, Wild Arms™, WipEout®, Z.H.P.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Claire is scared on the Vita

What is is with lost little girls, these days? We've got Yomawari lost at night and now a port of the PC retro indie 2D survival horror game is headed to the Vita, due out next week (30 August) as Cross Buy with the PS4 version.

The game has picked up a PEGI rating recently, so shouldn't be too far off. Other than that, not much news from the port team or developers, Hailstorm, but keep an eye out for Claire, especially if you loved the likes of Lone Survivor.

Note from the developer: There will be a "day one" patch, covering bugs we found after we submitted it to Sony. We really want this to go as smooth as possible. With more people playing there's bound to be something that happens that we probably never even would have thought to test. We promise to fix everything you guys find / that we can. It might not happen that same day, as we might wait a week to "round them all up". But it will be addressed. You can always contact me here or on twitter ( @HailstormDavid ) to let me know if you found something.

Abstract platformer "140" heads to Vita

Somewhere between Thomas was Alone and Sound Shapes sits "140" from Carlsen Games, a minimalist platformer that was well received on the PC. It is soon heading to the Vita thanks to Abstraction and Double Fine. Release doesn't seem to be far off, with a PEGI rating in tow, so check it out.

Review: MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death

Towers, four big brooding towers, all of them with something nasty at the top, or bottom. That seems to be the basic plot of MeiQ. But with a bunch of gabbling, generic, half-wits getting in the way almost every step, you might as well be in the middle of the Next, New Look or whatever clothing store you've been in that attracts mad women during their New Year sale.

In the first, the Black Tower, there's Connie who's always spinning around and getting lost and a few other ladies all trying to complete their mission or challenge you. Each level is grid based, with traps, tricks, treasure and an annoying lack of inquiring minds. The girls just blunder about, while you wipe out any opposition in what may be an attempt at a tutorial, until you get to the end of level guardian, when you need to start remembering what it is they were jabbering on about.
Fortunately, each of these mad women has a guardian in tow to protect them, packing swords, shields, Vulcan cannon and many other weapons, the girls (Estra, Flare, Maki, Connie, and your initial avatar Setia) are fighting the three particularly evil Shadows, played firmly in the Scooby Doo vein, and Gagarin the Dark Machina Mage.

Each girl's guardian will do the majority of the battling, using improve powerful Stones to help charge them up. Or, you can craft upgraded parts and weapons when you've learnt the requisite skills needed for the Machina forge, or swapping out weapons so water fights heat, rock smashes most things etc, etc.

The second, red, tower, is a flame pit of hell, not really a tower at all. But, the game plays fast and lose with these ideas. However, the monsters and landscape are horribly generic, if a little tougher to make it more of a challenge  further on you'll be fighting through woods, but the background graphics are extremely primitive.

You'll soon be flitting around between the towers, leveling up characters, not that you can assign points or anything, and using the Guardian combo skills to batter the stronger enemies.

Fresh skills allow you to find mystery hidden doors or treasure, necessitating another run through each level. At least lifts and portals can help move you around quicker, while you'll just whizz about on the ice or other slippery levels, or use the cranky not-bumping-into-walls navigation technique to, um, bump into walls!

A plain and simple RPG with some really annoying characterisation, MeiQ is not much of anything except some fun grinding, especially in the massive, pointless forests, and simple building for people who like that kind of thing. There's no sense of reward for your exploration, just annoying level design, made to frustrate. However, if recent RPG efforts have over-complicated things for you, like Ray Gigant, this may be welcome, but it really does nothing to great effect.

Score: 5/10
More reviews
Price: £32.99 (PSN)
Developer: Idea Factory/Compile Heart
Progress: Blue Maze, blue in the face

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Wanderjahr goes big on RPG battling

Wanderjahr is a geek-centric RPG combat game hitting the Vita next week. You can play up to 18 characters with different roles, fight against tricky monsters in challenging battles, solve mysterious quests, and discover the beautiful and inspirational story.

Wanderjahr tells the story of UN Jariya, a global organization charged with maintaining world order and peace. You see, a hundred years ago, the Universal Source Code was discovered - and its secrets and structure was the key to create a better universe in harmony and peace.

With changes, updates and tweaking, the code could be improved to create a better existence to all, but alas, when you least expect it, two weeks before you are done, evil shows its ugly face, and monsters appear in droves with the intent to destroy everything you have worked for. Is this a coincidence?

Selling fast, grab the Steins Gate 0 Amadeus edition while you can

Steins Gate 0 is going to be big, and the PQube/Rice Limited Edition (UK or US edition) will hopefully do the game justice. Unfortunately, this is the biggest version of the press image I could find, hopefully a larger one is on the way. In the meantime squint at all the goodies you could be getting.

Apparently, these are selling out fast, so grab one while you can!

  • Standard Edition of STEINS;GATE 0
  • STEINS;GATE 0 The Selected Works Soundtrack Exclusive to the Amadeus Edition 
  • STEINS;GATE 0 Premium Artbook  
  • Amadeus Pin Badge Exclusive to the Amadeus Edition 
  • Fairy Upa Exclusive to the Amadeus Edition  
  • High quality presentation box Exclusive to the Amadeus Edition

MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death story trailer

I've just started playing this girls and their robotic guardians game, hopefully have a review up next week - if you like old school RPG then this feels pretty comfortable. But for now, check the first story trailer for Idea Factory's MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death, out in a couple of weeks.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Neo Atlas 1469 gets an opening trailer

ArtDink have stuck with train simulators for so long, I wondered if they'd ever do anything else. Yet here we go with global exploration, trading and a spot of combat, all crammed into the creaky hull of some wooden junk. As a 15th century trade, you need to build up convoys, hire admirals and explore the great unknown to set up trade routes and find your fortune. Nothing too new there, but pretty different for the Vita, unless you played the PSP game Sid Meier's Pirates.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Slain: Back from Hell confirmed for autumn Vita release

Slain looked great, but had a poor reception on PC thanks to its retro-heavy controls. Handily, being last in the queue, the Vita version will launch with that and other issues fixed in the Back from Hell version, which is what you get when a developer listens to feedback!

Features include:

  • Challenging ‘elemental’- based melee and magical combat.
  • 6 hours of bone-crushing, metal-fuelled mayhem & gore.
  • Choose from 3 unique weapons in your fight against the demon hordes.
  • Full soundtrack recorded by Curt Victor Bryant formerly of Celtic Frost. \m/
  • Boss fights, mini-boss fights, sub-mini- boss fights &; macro-sub- mini-boss fights.
  • No laborious leveling, no tedious grinding, no wimpy crafting, plenty of secrets!

Vita sales up in Japanese doldrums release week

Nothing to see here in this week's Media Create sales, move along... except Vita sales were up 1,200 over last week. That's despite no new entries for the Vita, and only a few visual novels coming on sale, guess Japan is on holiday.

For the first time in many months there's no Vita game in the top 10, with a queue of recent games sticking around in the lower rankings. No major launches either this week, so expect the stupor to continue.

11 Toukiden 2   8,249 80,688
12 Minecraft     6,768 847,602
15 Ys VIII         5,688 69,878
18 Pro Baseball 3,718 168,552

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Moonlight streams PC games to your Vita

Fun and games continue in the world of Vita gaming with a new helping stream your legal PC game collection to your Vita's OLED screen. Presumably this needs the 3.60 firmware with Henkaku to run the patch, but after that its just your PC games appearing on the go streamed over WiFi, using Moonlight which is based on Nvidia's streaming engine.

Come on Sony, make or ask for an official version in an app to allow everyone to enjoy this fun!

Regalia gets a Gamescom trailer

Kickstarted last year, Regalia, brings some intense looking RPG combat action to the PC, PS4 and Vita, with the PlayStation versions arriving in 2017. You can still chip in with a $25 PayPal to grab the PC versions and a free console PSN code. For now enjoy the Gamescom trailer showing off plenty of battling and the huge variety of combatants and wide variety of enemies to pummel.

Monster Boy gets a Gamescom trailer

One for the maybe/maybe not list for a Vita port, but the devs still have an interest, Monster Boy is coming along brilliantly on PS4. This new Gamescom trailer shows off a fresh batch of heroes to add to the Sega Wonder Boy stylings of the original Game Atelier idea. Hoping to see it on a handheld in 2017!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Final Fantasy artworked Vitas hitting Japan

Sony will try to drag Vita sales out of their flatline soon with a couple of its standard minimal effort decal-laden models on the rear panel to celebrate World of Final Fantasy. Limited numbers are available on the Sony Store for 21,000 yen in Japan to order from today. So, these won't hit retail and help boost sales when the game launches on October 27.

Yes, they are pretty, in English even, with a neat theme and icons, but don't expect any in the west when the game arrives in Europe and the US at the same time as its Japanese counterpart.
This limited edition also makes it seem less likely that Sony has a quick Trinity upgrade in mind, if at all, for its PlayStation Event on 7 September.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Demon Gaze 2 opens eyes with a new trailer

Kadokawa and Experience are hard at work putting together the final touches for Demon Gaze 2, with what looks like a more urban and sciencey look to the classic RPG. There's also the inevitable dating and compatibility crap that must be a part of most Japanese games now.

UPDATE: And here's a new trailer featuring some of the music from the game, which will also ship in Japan with a batch of free DLC including extra armour and items for characters that will be exclusive for the launch window.

Hopefully the core gameplay remains unmolested and this will be another big seller in both Japan and the west on the Vita.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

MeiQ Labyrinth of Death gets an opening movie

A theme tune with soaring voices, some sparkly lights, doe eyes and characters fading in and out, it must be an opening movie for another Japanese Vita game. The MeiQ intro shows off the stars of the RPG; Estra, Flare, Maki, Connie, and Setia, as well as their enigmatic enemies, the Three Shadows and Gagarin the Dark Machina Mage.

Lichtspeer throws down for PS Vita

Just when you think there's no new news ever coming for the Vita, up pops Lichtspeer on the PSN blog. Never heard of it? No me neither. It looks very retro with some deeply germanic heroes tasked with throwing spears to save the day, battling against a very odd collection of enemies including a giant walrus.

The game comes from Polish developers Lichthund, hopefully the Vita's touchscreen will be involved! The game is due out in a few weeks.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Does a WiFi component mean a new Vita Trinity model?

In the deadest of dead summer weeks for Vita news, people are scrambling for any sort of information. So when a WiFi module from Sony Interactive turns up at the FCC for compliance testing, that is clearly confirmation of a new model Vita, right?

Maybe, but probably not, as Sony has many things with WiFi radios in them, including the new PS4 Neo. So, while an update to a 5GHz faster WiFi unit would be cool in some modest Vita upgrade, perhaps for Japan only - we'll need to see a lot more evidence first about this whole Neo, Morpheus, Trinity thing that is getting people a little too hot under the collar based on new actual information.

That's especially as we've seen this sort of excitement over random components before, which is weird considering the hatred for Vita from most western gamers anyway.

However, since its summer and there's not much else to do except play the Hatsune Miku demo and check out the odd Japanese trailer, let's play away and imagine your perfect next-gen or updated Vita. Your thoughts in the comments please...

Possible: New JP-only Vita model with faster WiFi, better battery, new screen, HD-out to replace VitaTV and perhaps new colours.

Impossible: Vita 2 model with current-gen mobile core, 1080p HD screen, standard SD cards, dual-OS Android compatible.

Check out Macross Delta Scramble in action

Bags on new Aerial Knight units and pilots plus guest appearances, and a boat load of music tracks get an airing in this new extended gameplay sequence from Bandai for the upcoming Macross Delta Scramble Vita exclusive title.

Although the game screen is tiny, it still looks pretty impressive, and if they can keep the frame rate up with some detail, this could rock.

Genki Tokki: Seven Pirates raid the Japanese chart

The 3DS is on a roll, locking out the top five with new and recent entries in the new Media Create chart. Toukiden 2 slides down to No. 6 selling 13,4000, while the saucy, fun-loving, Genki Pirates from Compile Heart make port at No. 8 selling over 12,200 copies. Ys VIII is drifting fast down to 12, while even the immovable force that is Minecraft looks like it could finally vanish from the chart, down to No. 20.

Hardware sales are down to just over 10,000 for the Vita, pretty amazing given the limp roster in recent months. There's nothing out for the next few weeks, so expect it to dip further. The question remains if Sony will respond to the Nintendo's NX with a new model featuring video out or a new dock, or simply plug on regardless.

Idol Death Game site opens up for business

D3's Idol Death Game web site is now being populated with content. It puts a collection of idols at the centre of a life or death game, likely having to adventure, sing and dance their way to survive the mysterious Project 47.

UPDATE: Here's a first look at the game in action

The game goes on sale in October and with its reality TV style presentation looks pretty striking

New Fate/Extella clips do battle in dresses

Marvelous has put up three new videos showing off the busy battling mechanics for its latest Fate title. They show off more of the Saber and Caster classes at work, as they battle the massed ranks of cookie cutter enemies. Can't say I've ever got into the Fate games, but this looks to tick all the boxes for stylish visuals and insane moves.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Money Hungry Princess bribing the Vita

NIS has had another new Vita game outed in Japan. Money Hungry Princess is an RPG focused almost exclusively on filthy lucre. By earning enough of it you can not only unless great skills, but bribe opponents to not fight, or perhaps even get them to join your side.

UPDATE: The first screens are now up...

Hopefully this idea goes a lot deeper than just a combat mechanic, and the game is more than just a stock ARPG with a twist. More to be revealed soon in this week's issues of Japanese magazines, along with some first iamges. The game is supposed to be out in November, but with more games being delayed for tweaking and such a quirky mechanic in this title, I'm guessing 2017 is more likely.

UPDATE: The teaser site is now live with a webcam on a bug in a tank with a Vita and some money related items.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Top of the PSN Pops for July

God Lord, I won't even discuss the European Vita PSN chart for July, which is so backwards, it could come be two years old. On the positive side, let's focus on the the US sales with three shiny new games all taking decent numbers, hopefully proving to Square that they were right to bring Adventures of Mana our way - any chance of I am Setsuna next?

Mana was the only new entry on the EU store, hitting No. 7, you'd have thought after all the fuss, it would have done better, but lots of summer sale games did better.

US PSN July sales

1 Ratchet & Clank Collection
2 GOD EATER: Resurrection
3 Adventures of Mana
4 Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS-Force Bundle

According to my Vita, the Top Sellers in the UK are:

1 Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma
2 Digimon Story
3 Persona 4 Golden
4 Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens
5 Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Which makes for a lot better reading!

Shinoa gets her own Criminal Girls 2 trailer

Not long to wait until September and the new outing for the Criminal Girls, which looks a big improvement on the first one, while keeping its lady tickling USP in tact. Here's a trailer for Shinoa (bottom), one of the new characters to grace the RPG quests and spanking sessions.

UPDATE: Another new trailer, this time for Tsukasa... is she the girl who doesn't fit in - literally and spiritually?

This week's trailer is for Kuroe, who is a bit of an enigma. She doesn't say much, and when she does speak, it's through the mouth of her stuffed animal, Baron. A calm and gentle girl with a penchant for magic. Use her to heal or set up some powerful magic spells.

Update: And here's a trailer for Lily, a pampered, rich princess of a girl. She's got an attitude that's constantly at odds with her manners. If she doesn't like something, she will let you know about it. To get past that exterior, a little Motivation might be in order... She's got the best defense on the team with some extremely valuable protection skills, so use her shield wisely!

Note, the game has been refused certification in Germany, effectively banning it there, along with Australia. That will likely make #Henkaku and access to foreign PSN stores all the more popular!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Space Overlords taking over in September

I haven't covered Space Overlords since the start of the year,  but the 12 Hit Combo game will land on PSN in September. The Vita version will be a single player game, the PS3 has a two-player option and the PS4 extends to up to four players.

A Cross Buy promotion, it will cost £5.99 or $7.99.  In its simplest format gamers can enjoy the search and destroy gameplay but there are many other elements such as the planet creation tool and different game modes for the various single player and multi-player experiences.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hatsune Miku feels some rhythm in Diva X trailer

With the demo arriving next week, now would be a good time to auto-tune your squeaky voice and get tapping frantically. Hatsune Miku and friends are back, but they need your help. The light is fading from their world and the only way to restore it is by helping Miku do the one thing she was born to do, perform! Guide her through the five Clouds (Classic, Cute, Cool, Elegant and Quirky) and help her sing, dance, and put on the best shows ever in order to restore the light.

UPDATE: The demo is live on EU PSN now, at 260MB

New Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls trailer

Idea Factory continues to hype SNSHG with the Neptunia ladies clashing with the the Sega Hard Girls, representing Sega's consoles, including the Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, and Mega Drive!

In this RPG adventure, Neptune is transformed into a motorcycle and now IF, who has always been supporting Neptune from the side, must take charge! With the help of the Sega Hard Girls, IF must jump, dash, climb, and crawl her way to recover the lost history of the Grand Library. With an intense combat system that allows players to change classes or gain the edge in battle with Fever Time, the journey to save the world Iffy-cially starts!

Toukiden 2 takes Tokyo, latest Media Create chart

Okay, this is officially a flat (red) line, Vita sales have remained pretty much the same for the past 10 weeks, hovering around 11,000 sales. Even the arrival of Toukiden 2 this week failed to help shift units, in fact they are down by a couple of hundred on last week.
Koei's latest monster hunter managed to hit No. 4, which suggests there won't be a Toukiden 3 any time soon. On the plus side, the Vita version of Toukiden 2 outsold the PS4 edition by 13,000, with both version selling over 100K combined. Unfortuntaely, The Longest Five Minutes looks like it will be luck to last two weeks in the chart!

04 Toukiden 2 (Koei Tecmo)  - 59.032 / NEW
06 Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana # (Nihon Falcom) - 13.860 / 57.613 (-68%)
19 The Longest 5 Minutes # (Nippon Ichi Software) - 2.767 / NEW

As for hardware sales, it will take a miracle apparent to budge the Vita from this line, surely some new models from Sony need to be forthcoming ahead of any NX news to build a growing trend.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Slain on Vita falls back to winter release

Slain hit the PC earlier this year, and while it looked good, players complained about the controls and other elements. So, a new 2.0 version, Back from Hell has hit Steam this week, which has prompted the usual questions of when we'll get to see the Kickstarted game on the Vita.

The answer is, around the end of the year, according to the developers. Not a bad effort and well done for listening to customers, rather than just moving on to the next project.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Yomawari peeks out of a new trailer

One girl versus the night, and its many grisly secrets. No trouble, as she's protected by a little red bow! Right? Maybe not, check out the official site for new updates and the trailer for the latest sppoky beasts that will send her scurrying for safety.

Square shows off World of Final Fantasy character animations

Just a couple of months to go until the world wide release of World of Final Fantasy, and here's a few character animations from the many mirage beasties in the game who can give you a combat boost. These were first shown off last month, click the YouTube button to find the rest of them!

UPDATE: A new bunch of mirages get to strut their stuff below:

Volgarr the Viking to pillage your Vita

A few years ago, we had the fun When Vikings Attacks but things have been quiet on the longboat attack front since then. Now there's a PEGI rating for the 2D classic platformer stylings of Volgarr the Viking tipping up online.

Here's a peek at one of the levels of the Steam/Xbox One version, with developer Crazy Viking not saying much. But, these things usually come true, so get your whetstone out and sharpen that sword.