Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trails in the Sky and Uppers duke it out in Japanese chart

The new Media Create chart sees Trails in the Sky: 3rd Evolution take second spot with 10,500 sales - that's just 600,000 down on the latest Yokai Watch title at No. 1. Down in seventh is Uppers which manages a fairly meagre 7,000 sales, so not quite the battle royale we were hoping for. Still, the Japanese publishers are now increasingly relying on western translations to boost sales. so its kind of good news!

Vita unit sales continue flat at just shy of 11,000. Will Pokemon Go's arrival in Japan today finally nail handheld gaming? Some games continue to sell okay, but nothing this summer has spiked Vita sales as in previous years.

Dragon Quest Heroes II and Powerful Pro Baseball 2016 are still clinging on at the bottom of the chart, having sold 215K and 155K respectively, but nothing seems capable of lifting Vita sales now. Minecraft keeps on giving at 825K.

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