Monday, July 4, 2016

Tokyo Xanadu and a host of visual novels come west thanks to Aksys

Having long been obsessed with Monster Hunter clones, it now seems the Vita is the go to platform for Persona clones. Just as well, given we aren't getting Persona 5. I do wonder how long it will be until Persona 2 and 3 get a re-remastering, but until then, its up to the likes of Caligula and the newly-confirmed for western release Tokyo Xanadu to keep things rolling.

The game sold around 125K physical copies in Japan, and looks a lot more stylish than the newer Caligula title. Here's hoping it does good business on its western release.

As well as Tokyo Xanadu in 2017, Aksys is bringing visual novel Otome titles; Collar X Malice, Period Cube and Bad Apple Wars. Again, these are seeing more interest in the west with huge Twitter storms for what you'd think are pretty niche games!

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