Monday, July 11, 2016

Asterisk Wars: Phoenix Festa heads west via Bandai

I was struggling to work out what this is, until I realised the A.W. meant Asterisk War. Even then, the previous stories focus on lots of girls running around fighting. So, according to the press release Phoenix Festa is an Simulation Action genre arriving in July.

Judging by the lack of art, new imagery, and short order date, guessing this is a bare-bones subtitled digital release.

In a post-apocalyptic 20th century, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation is formed to recover from devastation. Cities are reorganized including the one called Rikka, also known as Asterisk. Within Asterisk, six academies hold tournaments called “Festas” pitting students from each academy against each other.

 Phoenix Festa combines dating sim mechanics and combat, and features its own original storyline dug out the light novel series. Players will experience a challenging adventure with numerous endings and multiple outcomes, going about daily school life by making friends and competing in the Phoenix Festa tournament. They will have to train themselves in order to increase their fight abilities as they prepare their participation in the Phoenix Festa tournament.

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