Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Akiba's Beat rolls out the character trailers

I'm starting to hate this with games, one trailer dripping out at a time for each character, for whom there's barely any tactical variation, expect a vaguely different weapon, suitable craziness of hair and slightly different annoying squeaky voice. Latest ones at the top!

On we go, with the translated English versions from Acquire... here's Saki (or Asahi as he was in the Japanese version at the bottom - is there some alcohol advertising deal going on here?)

UPDATED: At least Yamato gets to keep his name in the latest translated trailer.

Just one more (hopefully), Mizuki Aihara

And, this week's contestant is...

And one more...

Yet another one...

UPDATE: And another one...

I know this is how Japanese PR works, but is it not possible just to shove them all in one video? Anyway, here's Riyu Momose (now forever to be known as The Marmoset). She beats people up with a pole weapon and squeaks while her pink hair wafts around.

And here's Asahi who carries a sword and has really boring hair and clothes, its like he's not even trying! Still, his headphones are glued to his skull

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