Tuesday, June 7, 2016

World of Final Fantasy is our big Vita game for 2016

Square giveth, and Square taketh away. Setsuna won't come our way, so while we don't get I Am Setsuna or Final Fantasy XII HD remake, we do get World of Final Fantasy, bringing the cute version of the series to our small but perfectly formed screen in October. Actually, I already had it on the release list, so I guess this is just confirmation.

No word on physical or digital form, or on a Limited Edition Vita to help actually sell the format, but hey - its our big name game for the year! Along with God Eater(s), Steins Gate 0 and many more!

While there's still no good reason we shouldn't get the FFXIIHD port, when it comes to Setsuna, Square's Daniel Sato put up a reasoned response on the PSN blog post:

We listen to all feedback but we’re not always able to act on it. Tokyo RPG Factory are a small team and it takes a lot of work (and money) to release a game on any format and we have to work out which formats are feasible on a case by case basis. As a company it’s not like we’re ignoring the Vita (we have both Dragon Quest Builders and World of Final Fantasy coming on Vita) but unfortunately we can’t always release all of our games on all platforms.

However, with a growing generation of gamers time poor and not able to access the big screen, it looks like the Vita is belatedly becoming the choice of device for many, something for Sony to ponder!

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